How can i keep slugs away from my house

05.09.2018 | by Fae
And put leftovers away immediately. How can I keep spiders away from my house and backyard. I have been getting a few of those nasty slugs in my back door any help on keeping them out or away.

Henry Macon, I've worked with Raccoon Removal Company, Toronto.

If you have small pets in cages, give them spill-proof feeders so they don't kick food out. Planting mint and cloves in windowsills or outdoor gardens around the home will also help keep ants out of your house. The number one way to keep rats away is removing all sources of food. We consulted Hayley Jones, entomologist at the RHS, and asked for her advice on how to stop slugs getting inside this spring and summer.
How can i keep slugs away from my house
Some of the most effective natural remedies to keep ants out of your house can be found in your kitchen. All of them can be sprinkled on countertops or cupboards, as they're not poisonous and highly effective. Obviously, slugs will come inside for something they need, likely warmth or shade. You should see them move away from your home because they dislike the smell of coffee grounds.