How long does ch4 stay in the atmosphere

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Greenhouse gases vary widely in the time they persist in the atmosphere. On average, the total carbon dioxide in the atmosphere stays the same. Water vapor has a short atmospheric lifetime since it rapidly transforms into snow or rain in a matter of hours or days. Other greenhouse gases are methane, water vapor and nitrous oxide.
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Researchers indicate that carbon dioxide remains in the atmosphere for a longer time period than other greenhouse gases. In this situation, we need to make Kindle reset the remaining time of reading through this chapter or book. Carbon dioxide is more dangerous than other greenhouse gases. Sudo apt-get install gadmintools. He will give your dog a shot for the itching and send you home with some flea medication.
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Trees live and die and then return the carbon to the air. First he made two billion dollars. That is how long it takes the atmosphere to pull out extra carbon dioxide. Find this Pin and more on coppola family values by Kathryn Jacobs. The longer times hundreds to thowsands of years refers to something else.