How to change gear edlund can opener #1

18.07.2018 | by Admin
Sure, it's going to be crude - but when it's time to eat, it's okay to go a little caveman. In this post, you'll learn how to open a can without a can opener. Troubleshooting and Product Support. Now I know how to remove the gear.

I would recommend this kit as the perfect OEM replacement.

How to change gear edlund can opener #1 — photo 1
Every kitchen needs a can opener, and that's why Edlund manual can openers are a great addition to any kitchen. What wood has a longer life for a fence, pressure treated pine or pressure treated cedar. Not quite what you were looking for. After i changed out with the old gear and blade it worked like a brand new can opener. I also watched youtube on how to repair it. It is normal for metal to metal friction to eventually cause knives and gears to wear, so inspect and change knives and gears regularly. Having problem getting download for can opener mod.
Hey Christian, This would be a great opportunity for a how to video. Can you plz explain in a little detail Thanks Gagan. We replaced the blade and now the can. Thats why many restaurants depend on the Old Reliable Edlund Manual Can Opener.