How to change nat type on ubee router

16.09.2018 | by Admin
Select Virtual Servers from under Firewall. NAT type to open is what we all are looking for. Easy steps to change the settings on the router and get NAT type to open. Read below to see how to change NAT type and enjoy online gaming on a moderate NAT connection.

Type Open This means the settings on the router are good and you are able to play the online games.

Be warned before hand that by making changes your router settings that you know nothing about can damage your router. Type Moderate In this case you can talk to other players online who have open or moderate NAT. Does anyone know how to change it. But you can see that he is there. Check the MIC hole opening is dust free.
Most of the programs should find the rest of the. I went to test connection, and everything was fine except my NAT, its on strict. The Virtual Servers tab is located on the left side of the menu screen. Why Do I Need to Change NAT Type. Type Strict In this case you can not talk to the players who have moderate or strict NAT. I've been looking for a solution forever.