How to check user account is locked in aix

09.08.2018 | by Latia
I would give them the user IDs of those users to the person who as asked for this. Setting the Account Locked Attribute. Okay, so the account is locked.

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Check here to start a new keyword search. Then I would check who all are the members of that app account logged into that server at that instance. Please tell us how to improve the technical support document. Anybody please post some script to make this operation simple.
Explore our collection of diamonds, exotic gemstones rings and custom design jewelry. Aix, inactive user, lock user account. Don't eat strong smelling food like garlic or onions right before you see him. You want unlock or lock user in AIX operating system. This app requires root permission. Indexes X and Y for table-name have identical fields. The values no, false, and never are equivalent.