How to dock a boat in sleeping dogs

19.09.2018 | by Admin
You will find this statue on the boat where you will observe the drug deal between the popstar and the supplier. Go back to your apartment and crash. The guide can be found here or by clicking the name.
Meet Raymond at the designated meeting place to learn how to use the gun. Hop in the boat when you arrive and then and kill the enemies swarm of boats that come after you. Once he is down, call Salty for a boat and meet him at the docks. Wei will get in a boat as well.

Ramp on any ramps you see to help avoid obstacles.

How to dock a boat in sleeping dogs
Once you enter the building, a few waves of enemies will attack, showing you how to use your attacks and grapples. You'll be able to bypass the password gain access to any phone, even if it's disabled, how to dock a boat in sleeping dogs, without losing any data. I created this site so I can follow my dreams. Aim the weapon by pulling the left trigger and then pull RT to fire at the blocks.