How to get a baby girl on sims 3 ps3

20.08.2018 | by Jeanna
Things to do and not to do to get pregnant soon Conceive baby tips xbox How to calculate date of conception from lmp. DoubleDizle is an avid gamer, and enjoys helping out fellow gamers with tips and tricks. Although there is no way to guarantee you'll get a baby girl instead of a boy, there are a few actions your Sim can take in an attempt to tip the odds.

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How to get a baby girl on sims 3 ps3 — photo 1
So go to the grocery store and buy three watermelon. You can totally influence what gender your baby sim will be, altho. I don't know how to get a girl yet. My sims both have the fertility treatment so they always have twins or triplets. Its like a box of chocolates, you never know what youre going to get. If you hear music while the Sims are trying to conceive a baby, they succeeded.

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How to get a baby girl on sims 3 ps3
Click on the watermelons and eat them while the sim is pregnant. Can I force my sims to have a baby girl. You also might be interested in. They will be in your inventory backpack. One Year Manufacturer's Warranty - Support and Installation services are offered at an additional cost. If you want a boy, have the pregnant sim eat carrots and listen to alternative music. At its pinnacle, her fantasy will ultimately beg the question, How do I go from dreaming about being a model to actually becoming a model.