How to make a round tablecloth tutorial

19.09.2018 | by Bonnie
Once you have sewn your first tablecloth, you might consider making a variety to use for holidays or other special occasions. Measure the width of the tabletop using a measuring tape. How to Make a Round Tablecloth. Measure the diameter of the tabletop.

Next, decide on your desired drop length.

Using your sewing machine, slowly and carefully sew the hem around the pinned, rounded edge, taking care to maintain the stitches at an equal distance to the edge of the cloth all the way around. Even if you have little experience sewing, making a tablecloth for a round table is an easy way to customize the look or style of your furniture. How to Make a Circular Tablecloth From a Rectangle Fabric. Follow along to learn how to make a round tablecloth. Turn to simple -- and perhaps more sensible -- methods for softening up stiff shoes.
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How to Design a Round Quilt Tablecloth. You can learn how to make a round tablecloth out of several fabrics. I did have to sew seams to piece the cloth together though. This causes his spirit to be broken.