How to prevent aliasing while sample continuous-time signal

25.06.2018 | by Ursula
Sampling of Continuous Time Signals. Consider two continuous-time sinusoids, and. The spectrum is repeated every Fs Hz.
How many years of school to become a nurse. However, most signals of interest are continuous time signals, which is how data almost always appears in nature. What is it like to be a sniper. Org - latest science and technology news stories on Phys. Where time is discrete sequence and signal value is continuous Kindly see the attached figure. The value of the signal is measured at certain intervals in time. Window and its Fourier transform.
Xn xnTs The values xn are samples of xt. Continuous-time sinusoids with distinct frequencies are always unique. We sample the continuous-time signal, st, to create a discrete-time rep-resentation of the signal. In many real-world application, the signals are analog. One of the simple definition, a function is continuous if we would be able to draw its representative curve with a pencil without the need to raise the pencil at any moment.