Maere when lights die wiki

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You see, in theory, virtual reality sounds fantastic -- living in a world where there are no real consequences to what you do, living a brand new second. Maere focuses on the player who explores a maze of corridors only to be hunted down by a monster known as Le Mange Lumiere. So you don't have any excuse not to play it. Enter a world where drams become a reality and nightmares are more dangerous than ever.

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Maere when lights die wiki
The game has been designed for virtual reality and is fully compatible with the Oculus Rift. Prepare to dream about anything you want, but stay away from nightmares. En vingt minutes, les quatre developpeurs prennent un plaisir presque sadique a jouer avec tous les codes de lhorreur. After downloading the Eclipse installer, simply unzip it and click on the eclipse.

The game has been designed for the Oculus rift but we're still waiting for our developer kit to fine-tune it for VR.

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