Rosella jam not setting

27.08.2018 | by Estell
Strain the liquid and discard the pods. Immediately I was drawn to the beautiful flower shape and knew instantly I had to take some of these babies home with me. Soak the fruit for a few minutes in a sink full of cold water and then drain.

Put a tablespoon of jam on a saucer to see if set and cool in front of the fan or in the freezer for a short time.

Rosella jam not setting
The rosella plant is native to Africa, and its fruit can be used in things like jam, sauces and syrups. They have a tart flavour similar to raspberries or rhubarb and are rich in acid and pectin. An easy way to do this is using an apple corer pushed hard against the base of the calyx. Simmer gently until soft, and the red colour has faded from the calyx. However, depending on storage conditions the shelf life may be reduced or significantly extended.
Bottle the jam into clean hot jars and seal immediately. Rosellas are grown mainly for their calyces, which are the red fleshy outer layer surrounding the seedpods. The calyx will then separate from the seedpod. Skim the froth for a more presentable jam.