What happened to the old kyle on young and restless

07.08.2018 | by Admin
Are you still wondering what happened to Graham Bloodworth. Unfortunately, he really is dead. The duo rush to the police department, and after talking to the chief, they find out Dina was already there.
What happened to the old kyle on young and restless — photo 2
I hope he doesn't entertain her. Ever since Kyle Abbott has met Summer Newman, he has liked her immensely but things have not gone well between the two. Victor might have a new brother. The reason being, him still having feelings for his ex. Upon entering, they find Graham on the floor with the syringe in his hand, but Dina is nowhere to be found. Hey Phyllis and Summer can move back in with each other again and compare wreck lives stories. He needs to kick her to the curb once and for all.
Check your local listings for airtimes. Also, I'm glad Nick is gonna kick canniving Phyllis to the curb. An old picture of Dina was put on the show by Abby, who is requesting people to give her any information they may have. Can someone please tell me why rowspan is not working.