What happens at end of divergent movie

13.06.2018 | by Jeanene
How are the factions connected to each other. Yes, the quality of the movie saga went down after the first movie, but if you like to see how the story unfolds, you should check the second and third movie as well. Which are some of the movies like Divergent you can watch.
What should have happened at the end of The Divergent Series. The Healthiest Fast Food Restaurants AND The Not So Healthy. If not, you can just read the novels and youll see the ending of the story. This is the Divergent series first big problem. If she is discovered, she will be killed. Shailene Woodley Bails On Divergent Before The Series Comes To An End.
The seven sisters outsmart their techno-savvy government by working togetherusing their strengths to stay one step ahead of the violent dudes hot on their tails. Yet that's not to say that Allegiant's ending is boring, because believe me, it's filled with drama all of which I've outlined for you below. With the power of Divergence, they may just be the only ones able to save their whole world. She tells him that all of the OS's are leaving. Where do people who do not belong in any of these factions go to. It is only logical that we start the list of movies like Divergent with the other two parts of the trilogy. Sorry, but not all the sisters make it to the end of the film.