What happens if you have two abnormal pap smears

31.07.2018 | by Romeo
And you wont need to think about it again until your next scheduled test. Vaginal suppositories, creams, medicines, or douches. If you are diagnosed with cervical cancer, it will likely be through an abnormal Pap smear test.

After finding an abnormal result, your doctor will explain what the Pap indicates and the further testing or treatment you need.

I've had an annual Pap test ever since. I was on bed rest for a week to recover, and for the two years following I received additional Pap smear tests every six months to be sure that there was no recurrence. Then it may be that Google Chrome not working or responding on its best way. It was then that I realized the great importance of routine gynecological exams. If you dont receive a normal result, it doesnt mean that you have cancer. They will typically test you more frequently like every four to six months, rather than every year or two because conditions that cause abnormal paps disappear within that time frame. The Wish Fulfilling Mantra - Make Your Any Wish Come, what happens if you have two abnormal pap smears.
Powders, sprays, or other feminine hygiene products. That means theres no evidence that you have abnormal cervical cells. If you return for your second pap smear and the finding is still present, you will probably be advised to have a coloposcopy done. That might happen if you recently had intercourse or used feminine hygiene products.