What is ultimate frisbee in spanish

15.03.2019 | by Admin
We will thoroughly cover these two questions below. Although I didnt know it then, it is the largest tournament on the continent- attracting teams from as far away as Argentina and Canada. It may also be used generically to refer to any similar flying disc toy. He is forced to throw in a certain direction.
Firstly well cover what it is, for those of you who dont know much about it, and then well tell you all you need to know to play it. Where are my teammates who aren't in the game standing. El mejor equipo de ultimate frisbee de Bogota es Aerosoul. So here I find myself once more in Bogota this first week of December. It's the most popular sport among those played with a flying disc.

Go up to the View menu and select the menu item called Show Annotations Toolbar.

So if you are here to find out how to play ultimate Frisbee, just scroll on down. What an honor to be invited to such an event. The main objective is to make it to the Point Cap before your opponent by catching the frisbee in the end zone. Is Earth the only planet having this coincidence.