What jobs were there in the tudor times

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They were given help with food and clothes or by being given work in return for a wage. In Tudor Times the parish became the basis of local government. What type of jobs were they for the poor people in Tudor times.

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Their money camenot work to earn money. There were lots of other jobs that poor people in Tudor times did. Find Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service and double-click on it. The poor were put into different categories. The history of English society. What Tudor jobs were there in Tudor times. In this wallpaper we see Cole MacGrath using super powers to fly.
What jobs were there in the tudor times
In the times of the Tudors Kings and QueensIn the times of the Tudors Kings and Queens did not have jobs like we do today. During the Middle Ages the barons held castles, which were difficult to capture so it was easy for them to rebel. The most important person was an appointed magistrate called the Justice of the Peace. Check out this article about worst jobs according to historical time line. Men ofthe nobility would either inherit their family's estate or join theclergy. There were not often enough jobs because the population was growing fast.