What program is blocking port 80

24.07.2018 | by Elidia
I finally figured out what's wrong. This will bring up a list of the ports and list what's listening, established, starting, closing and all other states on them. Did any body know how to open the closed port in xp. Select Allow the connection and then click Next.

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Techwalla - What Are Your Familys Tech Rules. Or any tool to open colosed ports. Give this rule a name and then click Finish to add the new rule. Follow the instructions and write the official letter according to the rules. Firstly, I couldn't detect if it was a firewall blocking problem or a user not having the right privilages to run a webserver. After trying to run an Apache webserver for a while now. It involved a Windows utility named netstat.
Click to rate document as Poor. My research on the web paid off, and I finally discovered how to find out what's using what port on my computer. Is there a modem i can buy where that would let me open these ports.