What really happened in world war 1

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If it had prevailed in World War I, Imperial Germany would have been the most advanced nation of Europe, dominating the richest region in the world. World War I is recorded as one of the most devastating events in the history of mankind. Who Rejected Wilson's Fourteen Points Plan.

Which is why the French wanted to punish the Germans so badly after the first world war.

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Germany signed an armistice, which is an agreement for peace and no more fighting, that had been prepared by Britain and France. Robert Helbing, studied at California Institute of Technology. While the Allied Powers were the victors of the war, significant casualties were seen on both sides. Its the past, we don't have the modern technology we have today, but what did happen.
It would've been much better if the allied winners hadn't been so mean to Germany. What Happened During World War. Life for women changed dramatically during the war because so many men were away fighting. Why did Germany lose in World War. T really heard much or learned about World War one. The other factors noted to have caused World War I are the rise of nationalism, imperialism, militarism, and the formation of alliances among the nations.