What stage do homologous chromosomes separate in meiosis

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DNA replication occurs before begins, so each one of the chromosomes have two sister chromatids -Parent cell contains homologous pair of chromosomes -homologs separate -pull in half. In what stage of meiosis do chromosome pairs separate. At what stage in meiosis do cells become haploid.
The separation of homologous chromosomes occurs during anaphase I of meiosis. By chromosome pairs, you mean homologous chromosomes that encode the same gene but with different alleles from both your father and mother. Meiosis is a form of cellular division. During anaphase I of meiosis, the microtubules that extend from centrioles at the poles of the cell pull the chromosomes apart, as depicted here. Prior to meiosis, homologous chromosomes replicate forming sister chromatids. During meiosis, a single diploid parent cell is divided into four haploid gametes.
In the top right of the Kensington keyboard click Connect. Homologous chromosomes split during the anaph. Mitosis preserves the homologous chromosome number. Gametes are sex cells, such as sperm or eggs.