What the death note characters think of you

22.07.2018 | by Ferne
Matt asks you to play Mario Kart with him. Mello comes over to you and says, Hey, I like you, want to make some noise. Find out what Death Note anime character you are.

You should be able to actually feel where your ocular bone will end and this is exactly where your brows should finish as well.

Why would I need to make the deal anyway. Anxious, you know I think some people deserve to be punished. Looks at notes are you a pro-kira, anti-kira, or neither. Freaked out, that's a scary amount of power to be held within a notebook.

Besides, the eyes could be very useful.

Perhaps if those close to me were in danger. But before we go on, here are some yummy recipes that require breadcrumbs. Matsuda asks for your help with finding more information on Yotsuba. There's no way I'd give up half my lifespan, there's got to be another way around the problem, no matter how tough it is. This is my first quiz, I apologize ahead of time if there are any mistakes or you are displeased with your answers. It's very tempting to get myself out of this extreme problem, but I don't think I'd go through with it.