Where does your mother wears army boots come from

01.07.2018 | by Admin
And she can kick your butt, too. What do you do when someone says your mother wears combat boots. I'd take it to mean your mother is frumpy, or something like that.

It's akin to calling some one's mother a prostitute.

Where does your mother wears army boots come from
What does this saying mean to you. Well, a version of that, peppered with more salty language. It must be a catch phrase, as it makes no sense. Cartridges are sold ina standard yield and high-yield cartridge size which offers more print. The insult was never really directed at the mother.
Ha, your dads so bad at working that your Mother wears army boots to keep your family afloat. That is where the title Hooker for prostitute came in. I thought it was Your mother wears combat boots. My eldest son had that insult flung at him a few times. What are some tips for wearing combat boots with a skirt. It is pure white and taste amazing with idli, dosa, upma or pongal. The Very, Very Rich And How They Got That Way PDF, Epub, Mobi Gooner.