Who made the first motion picture camera

18.07.2018 | by Reita
He also said he attempted using experimental celluloid, made with the help of Alexander Parkes. What is the best camera for film making. Louis had been granted patents on his single-lens motion picture camera in France and Britain. But in truth, several others had made similar inventions around the same time as Lumiere.
Who made the first motion picture camera
What are the best Hollywood movies according to you. The Cinematographe made motion pictures very popular. But the correct answer is, The camera which you're looking at is the world's largest camera built by George. When was the first motion picture made. Thomas edison is credited with making the first motion picture camera the kinetoscope.

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French brothers Auguste and Louis Lumiere are often credited with inventing the first motion picture camera, although others had developed similar inventions at around the same time. Be one of the first to comment. Get Lord Elling to issue a warrant to prevent a breach of the peace. The Cinematographe made motion pictures very popular, and it could be better be said that Lumiere's invention began the motion picture era. Within ten years, movies in the modern sense were being taken. Modern motion picture making began with the invention of the motion picture camera.