Why a country cannot print more money

16.04.2019 | by Porter
B give the money to its citizens so that they can store or invest it. It is in the hand of every country's government to print any amount of money but government doesn't print such unlimited money because of probability of inflation. This means German prices are doubling compared to the UK. And doesn't cost much to the the government.

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Why a country cannot print more money — photo 2
Why can't we just print money to pay off debt. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Why doesnt the Bank of England just print the money instead of borrowing the money. Why didn't my country just print more money and distribute among the people to make everyone well off. The reason is that printing more money doesnt increase economic output in any way it merely causes inflation. Like if the country imports goods, the supply increases which meets the increased demands of the general public.

If a country prints money and creates inflation, then there will be a decline in the value of the currency.

Demand for books would rise, and firms would push up. Were keeping it retro and cheesy today. Scarcely can you see any girl who disliked straight and shiny hair. Inflation is the continuous increase of prices and services due to an increase in monetary supply circulating around the country.