Why wait hilary duff

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When I'll be shining like the sun. A With my boy shoes G And my rock star phone D G I'm waiting for a friend to call A Or the rain to fall. How it happens I don't care If it's rainin Or what I wear I know today is taking me.

Chorus I can't wait for the world to spin I can't wait to be happening Oh, what's it gonna take.

If you don't believe there's a way. I can't wait for my time to come And I'll be shining like the sun I can't wait I can't wait. You keep waiting where you are For what you'll never know Let's just get in to your car And go, baby go. I Cant Wait, originally recorded by Brooke McClymont, was a song covered by Hilary Duff that appeared on the soundtrack to the Disney Channel series Lizzie McGuire, in which she starred in. You'll never get to heaven Or even to. This information is not readily accessible on the page itself, so it seems that something like an API is used to gather this information.
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For complete details on how to pay your acceptance fee for new students Click Here, why wait. Why not Take a star from the sky Why not Spread your wings and fly It might take a little And it might take a lot But. So, Why not why not Take a crazy chance Why not why not Do a crazy dance If you lose the moment You might lose a lot So, Why not, why not. Oh It could be the thing to do What I'm saying is You gotta let me know. Lyrics to 'Why Not' by Hilary Duff.