Window opener not working in safari

10.09.2018 | by Admin
I have mentioned the code below. The last line I added because I thought this would solve the problem. The function I'm calling works fine in Chrome and Firefox. Javascript google-chrome safari window.

I do not know even how to begin to problem solve this.

Location - Set The Parent Windowmain Browser. Also when I try to use the mobile Safari's window overview to close that window, it does not call the code on it's opener. Hi, I couldn't get the following code running in safari and chrome. It never closes the window or calls the function on the opener. Location Not Working From Https To Http. A good way to come up with unique gift ideas is to use the themes and symbols of each anniversary as a guide. Anyone that can provide direction will be much appreciated.
Window opener not working in safari
Opener function from the parent window. Hi Sir, can anyone tell me how to create. Is anyone aware of a workaround or solution to this other than using javascript to open the links via opener. In a tab, open a page that runs the code var w window. CallBackIntegrationCompletedtesting. Does anyone know, what I am doing wrong here.